The Secret to Shiny Bonbons: The Art of Perfection

One of the most common questions we get here at the chocolate factory is, "How do you get these chocolate bonbons to be so shiny?" The answer lies in a meticulous, albeit unglamorous, process that starts with an unlikely hero: the humble cotton ball.

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The Foundation of Shine: Clean Molds

Step 1: The Cotton Ball Ritual

To achieve that stunning shine on each bonbon, we start by meticulously cleaning the molds with a cotton ball. This isn't exactly the most fun job in the chocolate factory, and it certainly doesn't have the allure of tempering chocolate or experimenting with new flavors. But it's absolutely essential.

Why a cotton ball, you ask? It’s simple. Cotton balls are perfect for picking up every speck of cocoa butter and water droplets that might be left inside the molds. Any residue left behind can dull the surface of the bonbon, so the molds must be polished to perfection.

Step 2: The Hand-Polishing Process

Each mold is polished by hand to ensure it is completely clean. This hands-on approach ensures that no detail is overlooked. While mechanized processes can speed things up, they can’t match the precision and thoroughness of a human touch.

The Magic of Colored Cocoa Butter

Step 3: Applying Colored Cocoa Butter

Once the molds are impeccably clean, the next step is to apply colored cocoa butter. This gives the bonbons their classic, eye-catching colors. But there's a catch—the cocoa butter must be in temper.

Tempering cocoa butter involves aligning the crystals, much like tempering chocolate. This step is crucial for achieving that brilliant shine. If the cocoa butter is not tempered correctly, the colors will appear dull, and the texture of the bonbon will suffer.

Step 4: Spraying the Cocoa Butter

After tempering, we spray the cocoa butter into the molds, ensuring an even, vibrant coating. This layer not only adds color but also contributes to the final glossy finish.

The Final Touch: Tempered Chocolate

Step 5: Pouring Tempered Chocolate

Finally, once the colored cocoa butter is set, we pour tempered chocolate on top. The tempered chocolate bonds with the cocoa butter layer, creating a smooth, shiny surface.

Tempering chocolate involves heating and cooling it to specific temperatures to align the crystals, ensuring a glossy finish and a satisfying snap. This step, combined with our meticulous preparation, culminates in the beautiful, shiny bonbons that delight our customers.


The secret to shiny bonbons isn't just a single step but a series of carefully executed processes, starting with the simple yet crucial task of cleaning the molds with a cotton ball. The combination of hand-polishing, tempered cocoa butter, and tempered chocolate ensures that each bonbon not only looks stunning but also meets our high-quality standards.

So, the next time you admire the glossy surface of a bonbon, remember the meticulous craftsmanship and dedication that go into creating these little works of art. It's a labor of love that results in the perfect, shiny bonbon every time.

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